May the light of the Universe bring you every blessing that you desire at this time and every support and assistance you need.

May the light of the Universe keep you and your family well.

May the light of the Universe keep you and your family safe.

May the light of the Universe ease and grace your experience in the way that is perfect for you in every NOW moment.

May the light of your Victory be realised.

About Lorna


Energizing Your Being!

My world service is to align to divine will to help those who seek a deeper connection to their infinite being. 

I'll assist you to let go of thoughts, behaviors and energies that undermine you, release programming and patterns that hold you back, so that a renewed, fulfilled and energized you can radiate your light for the benefit of yourself and the well being of all. 

I'll show you how to work with your own energy, release and move it, clear and polish it so you shine! 


Living Your Being!

You are the destination. You are already here.

When you clear and change your perception, clear and align your energy field to the flow of universal energy, your Way becomes clear and highly visible and you become able to fully align to amazing infinite you. You become your own energy coach.


Playing as a Multi-dimensional Being!

Working with energy in a multi-dimensional practical and experiential way can help you by: unlocking stuck thinking; releasing stuck ways of reacting; clearing old thought forms from your energy field; transmuting ingrained patterns which no longer serve you.  

By remembering how to engage with your own energy field, the fields of others, and the greater fields around you, you become a master of your own energy and a creator of your life experience. 

Would you like to discuss your needs and find out if energy coaching is for you?

Please book a free 1 hour session with me via Skype or Zoom. No obligation. I'll give you a direct experience of how I am called to work in service to you and ALL.


The 'Fruits of Your Soul' Programme

A 5 session programme to reveal your amazingness to YOU

My role in our work together is to empower you, so that you can manage your own energy system and spiritual development, by receiving direct guidance. I do this by giving you tools and sharing insights that are perfect for you, given at the perfect time for your development, so you may progress your spiritual development. There is no ‘where’ to get to. You are already ‘here’. You are already perfect. But do you realise this?


The multidimensional experiences which are the heart of the  'Fruits of the Soul' programme are co-created with you and Source (the Divine, God) and etheric guides and are aimed at helping you to remember who you really are…along the way raising your own vibration and establishing flow in your individual (and by extension, our collective) energy system. This work is done with guidance, permission and in complete connection with Mother Earth, other consciousness’s and Source (cosmic consciousness/God/Divine).

We work together with ancient wisdom, and emerging spiritual technology/science to rebalance and remember the unity and harmony that is our conscious way of BEing.

We discuss at the beginning of our work together what you intend to be as a result of our work. However, the main intention of our work is for you to ‘fully live and manifest  your soul’s being’. To reach this destination we commit to do the work together. I support you, face-to-face and remotely. I work alongside you. I send you help remotely if I am guided to or if you request it. You are responsible for some work along the way, which will include meditation, exercise, and other aspects of self-care. 

This sacred work is my soul’s purpose. We co-conduct the work with and in complete partnership with Source, and in the sacred consciousness of unconditional love. 

I am honoured to help you – my purpose in this life is energize your soul/life’s purpose, I am in service to humanity. You have a great gift to bring to us All which I, Source and your guides, will assist you to realise and live. You are already perfect, but you have forgotten this, or hidden it under layers of programming. You already realise that there is more to you and…you know there are things keeping you from re-membering who you really are. Together we can resolve, rebalance, re-member, cleanse, clear and harmonize your energy system and align to your soul’s purpose and fully energize you as you travel your path. 

Practical details

This programme is typically 5 x 2 hour sessions. Entirely experiential in nature using energy work and shamanic journeying techniques. Each session is recorded for your reference if you wish. 

Your intentions for the work are discussed and clarified at the beginning. Sessions continue if your team of the highest light and resonance determine that this is for your highest wellbeing. So although the programme typically lasts 5 sessions, it is not a proscribed pathway. 

I have helped over 150 beings in the last 3 years to fully connect to their inner guidance.  Some beings have found this connection after 1 session, for others it has taken 5 sessions.  Every one is a unique expression/vibration of the divine having a human experience.

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